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Farm Shed, Yeppoon

Project Details

  • Date: January 2014
  • Client: Chris, Farmer
  •  Location: Yeppoon
  • Size: 454 sq Mt

Thankfully, there are not many chances for us to test how our sheds fare in a Category 5 cyclone, but it makes us proud to know that our customers’ investment in our sheds was fully justified after Cyclone Marcia came through. 

This 24Mt wide farm shed was constructed at Yeppoon early in 2014. Following our customer's (Chris) request for an extension at a later date, our workshop team incorporated a couple of variations to our standard plans. The revised design will mean a time-saving advantage for Chris when he comes to extend his building. All he has to do is simply remove a few sheets, undo a couple of bolts and the best part about it is there is no complicated and time consuming cutting and welding of steel required on-site. 

Chris was overjoyed with the quality structure and finish of his shed, exclaiming that it was "fantastic"... 

...and that was before the destructive Category 5 Cyclone Marcia made landfall near Shoalwater Bay (between St. Lawrence and Yeppoon) early on Friday morning the 20th February, causing  widespread damage to the region.

Now he says, 

“Our property is not far from the beach at Yeppoon. When Cyclone Marcia came to visit us, our nearest neighbour's wind meter registered her top gusts at a speed of 305kph just before she ripped the place apart. 

There is a lot of rebuilding going on around these parts, but I thought you'd like to know our shed is still standing. You told me that your sheds were designed to cope with weather extremes and I reckon a Category 5 cyclone is pretty extreme."

Because we are Queenslanders, we take our commitment to designing sheds that are equipped to deal with the extremes of the Australian environment very seriously. We live here; we understand how critical it is to have a structure that can withstand everything from cyclones and flooding, to high temperatures and drought, and everything in between.

But don't just take our word for it, ask Chris. He knows from first-hand experience that the Blueprint Sheds are the best sheds. Every-time.

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