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Storage Facility, The Middle East

Project Details

  • Date: February 2017
  • Client: Australian Department of Defence
  •  Location: The Middle East
  • Size: just under 300 sq Mt

Melville Island – 2,800Km’s as the crow flies, and for the two shed kits we supplied back in 2010 a road trip down to Brisbane, rearrangement onto a trailer for Road Train travel all the way through the Red Centre to Darwin (approx. 3,400Km’s), then a 2-hour barge trip plus more road travel once on the island to reach the install site at Pickertaramoor. And we thought that was a long way…

Until we spoke to Nicole in late 2016.

Nicole is a Flight Lieutenant with the Australian Department of Defence. Her request was for the supply and delivery of a 16Mt wide Storage Facility – nothing that Blueprint hadn’t seen before. And then she said, “to be installed in the Middle East Region” – now that site address is somewhat further away than most of our customers, but not a problem we can handle it.

There were however a couple of challenges for the team to meet…

The entire kit had to be packaged into a constructed steel crate to enable ease of movement and transport via plane to the Middle East. This meant that no single piece could be longer than 8.6Mt or it simply wouldn’t fit.

Due to the large distance from the install site to the nearest concrete facility, the footings for the structure had to be prepared and poured off-site, then transported. With a few variations to our standard design, the outcome of shallower and larger pre-cast pad footings fully met the customers’ requirements, who afterwards made the comment that, “Blueprint being able to also design the pre-cast concrete footings for the shed made the process so easy.”

In addition, the entire project had to be designed and constructed inside a very tight timeframe to meet pre-determined project deadlines for international Defence Force operations.

And through-out the project, our dedicated Operations Team kept in touch with Nicole often calling after-hours in order to bridge the time difference between us.

On completion of the project a Project Engineer at the Department of Defence commented that,

“the shed supplied by Blueprint provided a good value-for-money purchase that sufficiently satisfied the requirements of the project.”

Unfortunately (due to the confidential nature of the stores under the shed) the Department are unable to provide any photos of the finished product, however we look forward to working with them on projects into the future.

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