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Case Studies

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

We use all Australian made materials including Lysaght Steel products and One Steel products. Blueprint gives you flexibility in the building design and with over 20 years industry experience you can be sure that you are receiving expert advice, as we work closely with you from the design stage through to completion.

Why build just any shed, when you can build a Blueprint Engineered Shed.


Transport Depot, Rockhampton

Blueprint’s revolutionary shed design provides a huge advantage to Followmont’s employees by providing an open space unhindered by centre support posts.

Farm Shed, Yeppoon

Thankfully, there are not many chances for us to test how our sheds fare in a Category 5 cyclone, but it makes us proud to know that our customers’ investment in our sheds was fully justified after Cyclone Marcia came through.

Storage Facility, The Middle East

Melville Island – 2,800Km’s as the crow flies, and for the two shed kits we supplied back in 2010 a road trip down to Brisbane, rearrangement onto a trailer for Road Train travel all the way through the Red Centre to Darwin (approx. 3,400Km’s), then a 2-hour barge trip plus more road travel once on the island to reach the install site at Pickertaramoor. And we thought that was a long way…