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Construction & Materials

Australia has a capricious character. Her famously detailed pitiless blue skies, jagged mountain ranges, drought, flooding rains, sweeping plains, thirsty paddocks and cyclonic winds present a unique set of challenging environmental conditions for Australian businesses. 

So when you ask Blueprint to fabricate you a shed, you can be sure that all the components, from the screws to the steel, are made of top quality materials that will last the distance and withstand the elements. 

All our sheds come with ‘nudge resistant’ universal beam columns to protect your building from the inevitable bumps from forklifts or wide machinery.  If you want to, you can even choose hot dipped galvanised columns or trusses to protect your investment even longer. 

Blueprint’s structures feature 100% Australian steel, made and certified to the highest Australian standards.

Our supplier network includes:




Features and options for each structure include:
Hot dipped galvanised columns or trusses
Double span purlins for additional strength
Certified structural bolts for all connections
Welded and bolted adjustable mid span bracing
º47TCT roof and wall sheeting
Galvanised open web trusses
Fully adjustable bracing system exceeding Standard DIN 1480
Heavier frame 6 times heavier than purlin frame (easy to accommodate overhead crane)