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Environmentally Friendly Features

The simple fact is that Australia’s diverse climate puts a lot of pressure on steel buildings.  And that’s before you actually do business in them.  While radiation, convention and conduction heat all impact, it is radiation heat that has the biggest effect on the internal temperature of a building.

Blueprint design all their buildings to utilise and maximise natural ventilation wherever possible.  By natural, we mean allowing fresh and cooler air to flow through the building without the support of electrically powered machines.

Blueprint can incorporate additional ventilation where required such as:
Ventilators at the peak which allows hot air to escape at roof level 
Louvres at lower levels to maximise the amount of cooler fresh air into the building and allowing hot air to escape.

Insulation can also be installed in Blueprint buildings where required by the customer to minimise the effects of radiated heat and optimise conditions inside the building, no matter what the season.  

Depending on your requirements, Blueprint can also design and manufacture your steel building to take advantage of natural light and any other factors that may enhance the functionality, while minimising your environmental footprint.