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Important Announcement


Blueprint Engineered Sheds is now part of the Entegra Group.
The newly enlarged group will create more jobs in Gympie and throughout QLD.

What you can expect from the newly enlarged business

Very high quality standards and products
Pride in our workmanship and meticulous follow through and attention to detail,
including after-sales support
An experienced team with rich culture
We’re committed to being there for all clients in the long run
Innovative thinking that will break the rules of old tradition

About Entegra signature structures

The business was founded on high ethical standards of trust and fairness. Entegra and Blueprint share many guiding principles to provide clients with superior service and comprehensive solutions that are industry leading and within your budget.

To learn more about Entegra visit www.entegra.com.au/about or speak to our Gympie office on 1300 720 685.

Will my service guarantee be honoured?


Will there be any job losses?

No. In fact the opposite, with new job opportunities in Gympie and across Australia

When will the change come into affect?

The board of directors of both businesses signed off on the change of ownership in September

Are there any benefits to existing clients?

There will be opportunities to access patented technology, such as the globally patented Ridgeback™ Over time, the efficiencies of buying power from suppliers will flow through to more competitive pricing which will benefit our clients

Where is Entegra based?

180 Karinie street Swan Hill Victoria, with an office also in Bendigo. Gympie will be the third location.

Will the Blueprint name continue?

There will be changes to the branding of the newly enlarged business in 2021

What number do I call to reach the Gympie office?

No change to the phone number.

Will the Blueprint factory continue to operate?

Yes, the factory in Gympie will continue with additional job opportunities to be announced soon.

What motivated the change?

Together, the newly enlarged business will have the best value proposition to more businesses across more sectors. The business will have the most comprehensive suite of support services available with in-house design, engineering, planning and project management teams

What about suppliers?

We have contacted all suppliers to ensure a smooth changeover in operations

What is Entegra most renowned for?

The globally patented Ridgeback™. It is a game changer for feedlots and dairy farms with cooler, drier more comfortable conditions for the herd. The technology has also been applied to roof structures over Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA) at schools